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Aluminum Pallet Photo Gallery

Below you find images of the two most common types of aluminum pallets that we produce- a continuous welding type (for sanitary situations) and a standard type constructed with spot welding.

Please note, as long as our minimum quantity is met, we can build in either standard or metric sizes, and offer many features (not shown below) such as stacking pins, low profiles, 4-way or two way entry, etc.

If you would like to see a wide range of the types of pallets we have supplied to customers in the past, please check out catalog of designs.

Hygienic Pallet:
hygienic pallet view 1 hygienic pallet view 2 hygienic pallet view 3 hygienic pallet view 4

Standard Pallet:
standard pallet view 1 standard pallet view 2 standard pallet view 3 standard pallet view 4

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